Fundraising Policy

Club fundraising responsibilities are part of the deal when playing amateur sports. When you become a member of the Calgary Rams Rugby Club, this is no exception.

All members are responsible for completing three (3) fundraisers during the 12 months surrounding your registered season of play. For the 2017 season, fundraising runs from January 1 to December 31. Any events worked during this time frame count towards your volunteer responsibilities.

All senior members will be asked to provide a prepayment of $150.00 to cover their 3 volunteer commitments for the season before they will be welcomed to step on the field for a match. Every month the club will pay back the $50.00 per event that has been covered by a member in the previous month.

Prepayment of volunteer commitments has been decided by the executive as the best option moving forward. We do understand that some may be tight on money right off the hop and paying dues and the volunteer deposit might be more than can be handled. If this is the case, please come speak to the executive and we will work with you to figure out your commitments to ensure all who want to may play rugby. We do not want financial reasons to hold anyone back, but we must be responsible. Anyone who is a full-time coach within our Junior's programs will be credited with having worked their volunteer commitments. Additionally, the Referee's Society has many opportunities, especially for university students, for earning money in the rugby environment that could be put towards dues for buying out the volunteer commitment.

You may buy out 1, 2 or all of your fundraisers by paying the $50.00 per event to the club, which can be done by informing a member of the executive in writing of your desire to do so and the club will keep the equivalent amount from the deposit you’ve provided.

If you agree to work a fundraiser and are unable to do so, it is up to you to find a replacement or you will be fined $50.00.

For further information, or to sign up for volunteer opportunities, please contact our Volunteer Co-ordinator: Taylor Luchynski