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Men's Rugby Indoor Training Video 2017

Check out the 2017 Men in action at one of their pre-season indoor practices!

2017 Calgary Rams Men's Indoor (YouTube)

Calgary Rams 2017 Season!

Rams Family,

A new season is upon us, registration is open and explained below, and we wanted to share some of the work that has been going on in preparation for stepping onto the pitch in 2017.

Junior's Rugby Parents Meeting 2017

We will be holding a Parents Meeting for the 2017 season for Rams Youth U-9 and U-11.

Before our first outdoor practice
Thursday 13 April 2017

On the practice field:
430 Auburn Bay Drive SE

Don't forget to register for the season!
2017 Canada Rugby Union Registration

Junior's Outdoor Training Schedule and Matches 2017

Calgary Rams Youth U-9 and U-11 will be practicing outdoors, starting Thursday 13 April 2017.


Mondays and Thursdays
*Starting Thursday 13 April*

430 Auburn Bay Drive SE
*Sometimes in Mckenzie Town - sufficient notice will be given*


*Official matches schedule to be released at a later date*

2017 Junior's Indoor Training Schedule (Pre-Season)

The Calgary Rams will be running the following Junior Teams for the 2017 season:

U18 Boys
U18 Girls
U11 Boys
U11 Girls

Junior players, aged 16 and older, are welcome to join the senior teams for pre-season indoor training.

NOTE: There will be no contact for Junior players when training with the senior teams

Pre-Season Training Cost: **FREE FOR ALL JUNIOR PLAYERS**

2017 Women's Indoor Training Schedule (Pre-Season)

The Calgary Rams will be running TWO women's teams for the 2017 season: 1st Div (Premier) and 2nd Div

Both Women's teams will be training together for ten (10) indoor pre-season sessions.

Session 1: Jan 15th @ 545pm
Session 2: Jan 22nd @ 545pm
Session 3: Jan 29th @ 545pm
Session 4: Feb 5th @ 545pm
Session 5: Feb 10th @ 745pm
Session 6: Feb 17th @ 745pm
Session 7: Feb 24th @ 745pm
Session 8: Mar 3rd @ 745pm
Session 9: Mar 10th @ 745pm
Session 10: Mar 17th @ 745pm

2017 Men's Indoor Training Schedule (Pre-Season)

After making the City Final in 1st Div, the City Semi-Final in 2nd and a middle of the table performance for 3rd Division in the 2016 season, the Calgary Rams will continue running THREE mens teams for the 2017 season.

All three Men's teams will be training together for five (5) indoor pre-season sessions.

Session 1: Monday Feb 27th @9:15-10:45 pm
Session 2: Monday Mar 06th @8:00-9:30 pm
Session 3: Monday Mar 13th @8:00-9:30 pm
Session 4: Monday Mar 20th @9:15-10:45 pm
Session 5: Monday Mar 27th @8:00-9:30 pm